Target Channel - Destination map slot. This is where the generated UV maps will be stored. If the option for a separate source channel is not checked the charts from this channel will be taken as input.

Gutter Padding - Distance between charts in the texture.

Texture Width - Texture width.

Texture Height - Texture height.

Aspect Ratio - Allows you to lock the width/height ratio of the texture to a fixed value.

Source Channel - If this option is checked the packed UV charts are not taken from the target map slot but from the one selected here. This allows you to keep the original UV layout in one channel while placing the results from packer into another one.

Rescale UV Charts - If this option is checked the individual UV charts are rescaled depending on the amount of mesh surface they cover. This results in pixel being more evenly distributred over the mesh.

Show Preview - If checked a UV template will be rendered as a preview of the repacked map. This makes it easier to verify the result and adjust settings without having to apply an UVW unwrap modifier first.

Pack UV Map - Generates the UV map with the optimally arranged charts.

Multiple UV Tiles

Tile UV - When this option is enabled the UV charts will not all be put into the default UV area (0.0 - 1.0) but go beyond the 1.0 coordinate and provide multiple UV areas to be used by multiple texture maps.

UV Columns - This option defines how many UV tile columns exist. By default UV-Packer uses 10 columns (spanning from U coordinate 0.0 to 10.0). This is the number of colums used by default in Mari. If more tiles are used multiple rows will be created accordingly.

Max Number - This defines the maximum number of tiles that receive charts. If the amount of UV charts is less or equal this number each chart will have its own tile. If more charts exist some of them will share a tile. UV-Packer automatically distributes the charts based on size. Smaller charts sharing a tile will be preferred while larger charts can receive a tile on their own.

Create Material IDs - Each face will receive a material ID depending on the tile it’s packed into. This overwrites any material IDs that might already exist on the object.


Transformation options allow you to modify the object’s UV map after it has been packed. These options will not be available until the map has been packed by UV-Packer.

Rotate Clockwise - Rotates the generated UV map 90 degrees to the right.

Rotate Counterclockwise - Rotates the generated UV map 90 degrees to the left.

Flip Horizontal - Flips the packed UV map left to right.

Flip Vertical - Flips the packed UV map upside down.